50 Commits (main)

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  Garrit Franke 98a645e49e
fix: invalid comment 1 month ago
  Garrit Franke 55154c7468
feat: plausible analytics 1 month ago
  Garrit Franke e354e27d20
Remove social.slashdev.space 1 month ago
  TobTobXX 9f3c3c1cb4 Give some care for the scrollbars (#5) 1 month ago
  Garrit Franke 57e228bbea
fix: darkmode color palette 1 month ago
  Garrit Franke c22ec2d0de
feat: dark mode! 1 month ago
  Garrit Franke f13b4fa7d5
feat: add matrix community 1 month ago
  Garrit Franke d040d15143
feat: add meta tags 1 month ago
  Garrit Franke 1981397235
fix: typo 1 month ago
  Garrit Franke a94173c866
fix: donation link 1 month ago
  Garrit Franke 179dc4eb34
feat: note about matrix public directory 1 month ago
  Garrit Franke 5e6a10ef78
feat: better line height 1 month ago
  Garrit Franke 6db4dd8d95
feat: liberapay donation button 1 month ago
  Garrit Franke 9fc749a0e3
fix: text sizes 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke 2c53164350
feat: add note for contributers 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke d3b4f23a02
feat: support us section 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke a97593356c
feat: contact section 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke a2b2e52301
chore: refactor styles 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke 22e933466d
feat: change services heading 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke ee461fe98d Merge pull request 'chore: refactor grid to use flexbox' (#4) from grid2flex into main 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke f075f52f63 chore: refactor grid to use flexbox 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke 57e56ea5b7 Merge pull request 'More responsiveness (and other improvements)' (#3) from TobTobXX/slashdev.space-landing:gridify-service-cards into main 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris fc064fb282
Center text in buttons 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris a64c9676b2
Responsive down to about 315px 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris f83ff1a3dd
Responsiveness for computer > size > phone 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris 4d95765d87
Add favicon 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris c450dd558a
Fix typo 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris c5cd2ca76d
Balance vertical margins 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris 8b1f9031bb
Make cards look good again 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris 2327880c41
Put the cards into a css grid 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke 9150fc73fc Merge pull request 'Make the fonts local' (#2) from TobTobXX/slashdev.space-landing:local-fonts into main 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke f6e8d0b9ba Merge branch 'main' into local-fonts 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris e97f6a8a0d
Increase the minimum font weights slightly 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris 946294b885
Rebalance the weights 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris 7f7f818abe
Reorder import statements first 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris 746a7663a4
Load the fonts from locally 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris b9071d0e8b
Add the font files locally 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke 6f941f09cf Merge pull request 'Remove full-page hero in favor of more density' (#1) from TobTobXX/slashdev.space-landing:main into main 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke 849dfd9851 Merge branch 'main' into main 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris 17487c5d87
Delete unused styles 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris 243b8e00c4
Fix typo 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris bd2689d2a7
Tweak hights and font sizes of .services 2 months ago
  FiliusPatris 7951e2b1e5
Move hero and introduction into welcome 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke f3823d3f50 feat: add README 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke d27cb7c458 feat: add license 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke b704ba6ee8 feat: responsiveness 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke cb0a577d10 feat: "What you get" section 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke a0232f9fb8 feat: add introduction 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke e15ae7c2e6 chore: restructure css 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke f86c9a9013 feat: init 2 months ago