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# Contributing
The easiest way to contribute to the Sabre project is by writing code in the language. The more the language is battle-tested, the more bugs can be found and therefore the language becomes more stable.
## Getting in touch
If you have a question, found a potential bug or want to engage with the community, you can join the [matrix room]( of this project. If you prefer to stay away from matrix, you can also send a mail (or a patch) to the [public mailing list](
## Fixing things and adding features
If you want to contribute to the compiler itself, the easiest way to get started is to look at the [open issues]( of the project. Usually, this is where important todo items are jotted down and bugs are reported.
You could also run the tests (`cargo test`) and see if any tests are ignored. Usually, if a bug is found in the wild, a failing but ignored test is written, so that it can be further investigated later.
## Writing documentation
As with all software, Sabre needs good documentation. Since Sabre is still in early development, things change constantly. This means that docs will be out of date in a lot of cases, or not written at all. Any help with the documentation is greatly appreciated!
## Submitting your code
If you want to contribute code, please open a pull request on [GitHub]( There is also a [SourceHut mirror](, if you're trying to avoid GitHub. Feel free to send a patch to the [public mailing list]( Check out [this guide]( to learn about the patch based workflow.
Before submitting the code, please make sure that it is **sufficiently documented and tested**.


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- [Structured Data](./concepts/
- [Modules and Imports](./modules/
- [Developer Resources](./developers/
- [Contributing to Sabre](./developers/
- [Compiler Backends](./developers/
- [Release Workflow](./developers/