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A farming simulator for the gemini web.


  • Every player starts out with a bag of seeds and one acre of land
  • Seeds take some amount of time to grow
  • At any point, a player can decide to harvest the crops
  • Harvesting will yield a multiplied amount of seeds and some crops
  • He can trade crops and seeds at the market
  • Market is regulated by players
  • Crops need water to grow
  • There are different kind of crops. Some grow fast and some slow. Some yield more than others
  • Weather can influence the growth
  • Players can buy land
  • A field has properties: growth rate and size in acres
  • Seeds take up space on a field
  • Mystery seeds are seeds of an unknown kind



  • Registration/login on the platform using a client certificate
  • A new user receives a farm, a bag of wheat seeds and 1 acre of land
  • The main page shows a random message, your current balance, a link to the market, your inventory and a list of your fields
  • The inventory shows your seeds. When clicking an item, you can select to sell it, plant it or throw it away
  • A seed that has been planted grows for 24 hours. It goes through 4 phases: seed, seedling, young crop, ready for harvesting
  • When a seed is harvested that is not ready, it will be discarded. When it's ready, it will yield 2 wheat seeds and 4 wheat

The market

The market offers the following products:

1 bag of wheat seeds (0.1 acres): 2 gems buy, 1 gems sell

1 wheat: 10 gems buy, 8 gems sell

1 acre field: 100 gems buy, 80 gems sell

2 acre field: 150 gems buy, 100 gems sell

Other kinds of seeds

  • Bamboo (grows fast, cheap, low yield)
  • Potatoes (grows averagely, reasonably priced, high yield)
  • Corn
  • Melons
  • Flowers
  • Mystery seeds can be obtained on the market

Plant Care

  • Plants need water (some more than others)
  • The market offers fertilizer that boost plant growth
  • Weather affects plant growth (sunshine, cloudy, rain)


  • Players can place buy/sell orders on a market
  • Every item has its own overview, containing all orders
  • If the price of a buy order is above that of the highest sell order, the item is traded
  • Buy/Sell orders can be fulfilled directly
  • A leaderboard shows the players with the most money or acres